Kangen Alkalin Water Ionizer & Water Now Available in Sri Lanka Contact 0718669451,032262409. Address :- S Jude Silva,No 56 B, Thibbotugoda,Ganemulla..First Sinhla Web Page and Wikipedia for Kangen Alkalin Water History in Sri Lanka......

S Jude Silva,

No 56B,Thibbotugoda,Ganemulla

Tel : 0718669451,0332262409

E Mail:- ellesrilanka@gmail.com

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Ellaya Book & Paper Publicaton,No 56B,Thibbotugoda,Ganemulla

Tel : 0718669451,0332262409

E Mail:- ellesrilanka@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact the below office for any questions or support.

Our contact details. You can ask questions by email or by telephone 0718669451 0332262409 or simply using facebook. Use this form to contact us quickly by telephone. Make sure you mentioned subject clearly and the message clearly. We will contact you using your email address or by using your telephone number.
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Kangen Alkaline Water Sri Lanka

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